IMG_5126Rayna is a Massachusetts based artist who has been a hobby artist for most of her life. She’s always had a passion for creating and she tries to do so whenever she can. She has a Bachelor of Science in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Art. Though she’s not currently using her major in the working world, she hopes to be able to create beautiful pieces of artwork for as long as she can and to be able to be creative for as long as possible.

She loves her husband, dogs, Disney, collecting art prints from fabulous artists, and watching anime. When she’s not creating she’s either reading, working, or watching YouTube or scrolling through Instagram for hours.

She refers to herself as “kiiniku” on many social media platforms. It’s a name she picked a long time ago and it stuck. Now it’s one of her original characters (OCs).

You can find her on these various social media platforms: